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We are an automotive enthusiast, love to see when a car problem is solved, and we also love to share and write the solutions we have. If you like this website, help spread the word about AutoRepairPit.com.

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This website contains auto/car repair articles and guides to help you solve your car problem by doing it yourself, but car repairs are not for all people, and common sense is required. If you do not know the different tools you use and lack common sense, you should not try to repair the problem by yourself. Take your vehicle out of the garage and fix your car to a service area where a professional technician will help you.

Car repair is not our business. But the author is a person who has a long automotive experience. The author spent a lot of hours to write and build this website, and all contents none of them has been approved, authorized or reviewed by any vehicles manufacturers. We publish and share all articles on this web for educational and archival purposes only. Do not use this guide on this website to replace the factory authorized service procedure or OEM service manual.

If you insist on using guide how to repair your car from this website, do with your own risk, if something messes up with your vehicle and you can’t resolve the problem you have, do not blame somebody else, but blame yourself. Remember! You have been warned.

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