Top 4 Car Sunroof Repairs

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By Rodney (Mechanics)

A sunroof, a great feature, can make driving more fun and enjoyable. On the other hand, just as any of the parts of your car can break down or get damaged at some point. The sunroof problem may leave you wondering what it is and how much it will cost. This article will cover the top 4 car sunroof repairs you might face and how to handle them.

Top 4 Car Sunroof Repairs

1. Sunroof Leak

One of the most often seen sunroof problems is a leak. This can happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • It is filled up or damaged drain tubes. These little apertures ensure that water drains from the sunroof whenever it is closed. If their filters are blocked by dirt, debris or ice, the water can overflow and leak into the car.
  • They are either sunroof seals that are worn or cracked. It is a rubber gasket placed around the sunroof to ensure the water does not get into the gap between the sunroof and the roof. It can carry water when worn out, broken or ripped.
  • Improper sunroof alignment. This may be due to normal aging or accident or impact. If there is a problem with the alignment of the sunroof with the roof, this may cause gaps, resulting in water coming in.

How to fix a sunroof leak

The best way to fix a sunroof leak depends on the cause and severity of the problem. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Clean the drain tubes. You can use a thin wire or a compressed air can to clear any blockages in the drain tubes. You can also pour some water into the sunroof and check if it drains properly. If not, you should remove the drain tubes and replace them with a new one.
  • Replace the sunroof seal. You will find this replacement seal for the sunroof in a dealer’s store or on an online store and you can install it yourself. Firstly, the old seal has to be removed, clean the area, and then seal the new seal. Do not forget to adhere to them and use the correct adhesive for the seal.
  • Adjust the sunroof alignment. Use an adjustable wrench or a screwdriver to turn the screws or bolts, which are the members of the sunroof installation. In this step, simply leave the link loose and move the skylight along by sliding until it is aligned with the roof. Next, give them a tight grip and clear for holes or leaks.

Sunroof Leak

2. Sunroof Stuck

Another sunroof issue that is common occurs when it becomes jammed in one particular position and either does not open or fail to close. undefined

  • Faulty sunroof motor. This one is a switch that enables the sunroof to open sideways or tilt that way. The motor will stop working and the sunroof won’t move if any of the 3 things happens: it burns out, get damaged, or have loose connections.
  • Broken sunroof switch. This the button or levers that you use to open or close the sunroof. If that is the faulty part, tired, or has a bad connection, the message will not get to sunroof motor or allow the sunroof to move in any way.
  • Jammed sunroof track. This is the metal guide that serves as an encasement for the sunroof. For example, if the wire is bent, rusty or it is dirty that include debris on it, it can stop the overall movement of the sunroof.

How to fix a sunroof stuck

The best solution for a sunroof stuck issue differs from one case to another, and the worst one can be the root cause and gravity of the problem. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Replace the sunroof motor. You can have a new sunroof motor shipped from the dealer or online store or installed by a specialist. Removing the sunroof panel, disconnecting the old motor, and then connecting the new motor is necessary. Perform the task based on the directions given and use the right tool.
  • Replace the sunroof switch. Go for a new sunroof switch from the dealer or online shop, and then do the installation. You must pull off the old switch, detach the wires, and connect the new one. Whether you are looking for primary or secondary school, only five years will guarantee a foundation that will hold you solid until you go to higher education.
  • Clean the sunroof track. You can employ a cloth, a brush, or a vacuum cleaner to completely clear off the channel of the sunroof from any dirt or dust. One can sprinkle the other half with a lubricant, which will make the track smooth and, as a result, prevent scratching. A sunroof track has two types of lubricants; both need to know what is what.

Sunroof Glass Cracked or Shattered

3. Sunroof Glass Cracked or Shattered

Among other issues related to sunroofs is when the glass of the sunroof cracks or shatters. This can happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • As a result of an impact, a rock, a tree, or maybe another object can also cause an injury. This can result in a chipped, cracked, or hollowed-out glass with the sunroof, which in turn jeopardizes the safety and integrity of the sunroof.
  • Extreme temperature changes. The disparity in temperature between the outside and the inside of the vehicle may result in the glass of the sunroof expanding or contracting, which leads to tension building and eventually discerning the glass.
  • Poor installation or maintenance. This could be why the sunroofs are misaligned, do not fit securely in the frames, or are not well sealed, making them highly susceptible to damage.

How to fix a sunroof glass cracked or shattered

The most effective solution for repairing a sunroof glass that is cracked or already shattered is to look at the scope and site of the damage. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Repair the sunroof glass. If there is a little break or a crack, you can glaze it using a glass repair kit for the sunroof. Generally, this is done by brushing resin or light-cured patches onto the damaged part and then treating it with UV light. It is essential to read and understand the instructions and to ensure you use a suitable sunroof glass kit.
  • Replace the sunroof glass. For example, if the fixed hole’s or line’s shape is like a big crack or hole, a new sunroof glass is the need. This might be expensive and complicated which necessitates getting the help of experts. You will need to find a reputable sunroof repair shop that can remove the old glass, install the new glass, and seal it properly.

4. Sunroof Noise

Another common sunroof problem is when it makes noise when it is open or closed. This can happen due to various reasons, such as:

  • Loose or worn sunroof parts. This can cause the sunroof to rattle, squeak, or creak when it is moving or stationary. This may be disturbing and distracting for the driver and the passengers.
  • Wind noise. This can occur when the sunroof is open and the air flows through the gap between the sunroof and the roof. This can create a whistling, howling, or buffeting sound that can be loud and unpleasant.
  • Water noise. This problem occurs when it is raining, and the sunroof is closed, with water leakage from the sunroof and the drainage tubes. It could become quite noticeable and progressively cause dripping, gurgling, sloshing, or other sound that could be bothersome.

How to fix a sunroof noise

The best way to find a solution to deficiencies of sunroof noise depends on diagnosing the cause and the degree of its impact. Here are some possible solutions: Here are some potential solutions:

  • You are adjusting or mounting the sunroof content. You look on the sunroof to identify any provisions of loose and worn parts and including screws, bolts, hinges, or clips. You will use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten them up or put in new ones. You may also use some lubricant for the sunroof parts to minimize the effects of friction and noise. Ensure the correct lubricant type is used for all the sunroof parts moving as well (or differently?).
  • Adjust the sunroof position. You can experiment with different inclinations or a sunroof frying pan to see if it reduces the wind noise. Another way is to use a sunroof deflector, an appliance that attaches to the front edge of the sunroof; hence, the air flows over the sunroof. Reducing noise around the car can significantly enhance the overall sedan experience.
  • Drain the sunroof water. Try to get the sunroof to release the water or empty the drain tubes by turning on the sunroof and tilting the car. Moreover, you can remove water from the pipes using a thin wire or a can of compressed air in case of blockage. Additionally, you can pour water into the open hatch and then verify that the water drains properly. In this case, you may need to cut them off and add new ones.


How much does it cost to fix a sunroof?

  • The cost of the sunroof repair is affected by the type or scope of the repair, the car’s make and model, the location, and the repair shop’s reputation. Some experts say that it would cost about $100-$300 to solve a sunroof leak, $150-$500 to fix the sunroof that is stuck, $300-$1000 to fix a shattered or cracked windshield glass of a sunroof, and $50-$200 to fix the noisy sunroof. Nevertheless, these are only approximations of the price that might differ based on a particular scenario.

How often should I service my sunroof?

  • Yearly or several times a year, servicing your sunroof is especially advised when you constantly use it or live in severe climate conditions. Performing the routine maintenance of your sunroof is a perfect way to avoid problems, make it last longer, and improve its operation. The service that your sunroof often includes a clean-up of the arrangement, the tubes that the water flows through, inspecting your sunroof parts and the weather shield, adding some grease into the track and at the sunroof edges, and aligning the sunroof properly if needed.

How can I clean my sunroof?

You can clean your sunroof by following these steps :

  • Open the sunroof and wipe the glass with a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners that can damage the glass.
    Find the drain tubes that are on opposite corners of the sunroof. Use a thin wire or a compressed air can for complex problems to finish the job. In addition, you can funnel some water into the sunroof and check whether it outlets correctly.
  • Put the hood down and seal it with a soft cloth and rubber cleaner. Stay away from petroleum polymer cleaners that may get rid of the skin.
  • Lube up the sunroof track and the hinges with lubricant. Use smooth silicone-based lube that is resistant to the sunroof parts. Remember not to use any grease or oil as it can adhere to some particles.

How can I open my sunroof manually?

  • If you believe your sunroof won’t open by default and needs to be operated manually, locate the manual override mechanism that is usually under the sunroof panel or behind the dome light. The parts would be separated while the cover was maintained, and a hex key or a screwdriver would be used to turn the mechanism to open the sunroof. Nevertheless, this might only be the case with some kinds of sunroofs, and in this regard, you should examine your owner’s manual or seek the advice of a mechanic for relevant details.

How can I protect my sunroof from damage?

You can protect your sunroof from damage by following these tips :

  • Don’t park your car under trees, power lines, and other objects that can fall and crash on your sunroof because this can cause impact damage.
  • Stay away from driving your car during extremely severe weather conditions like hail, snow, or heavy rain; the glass of a sunroof can be easily damaged, or the seal might get ruined.
  • However, please don’t use a sunroof when it is filthy, frozen, or wet because it can lead to jamming of the sunroof or leaking.
  • Refrain from overloading or applying pressure to your sunroof by preferably not standing on it nor putting cargo atop it; this could damage the sunroof construction and alignment.