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How to Find and Fix Leakage on the Coolant System

How To Find And Fix Leakage On The Coolant System

Leakage on the coolant system is one of the most common problems with this component. Normally, the leakage on the coolant system is easy to find since you can notice the liquid seeping or dripping from the component that has leaks on them. You might also be able to notice the overheating condition of your engine. Meanwhile, your vehicle might also be equipped with an indicator lamp that shows a low coolant level. You can usually inspect the level of …

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Electrolysis Corrosion in the Cooling System

Electrolysis Corrosion In The Cooling System

If you ever had a failure on a new heater core that you had just replaced for less than a year, then this might be a symptom of electrolysis corrosion on the cooling system. Another symptom from this condition might be a failure on the radiator from the inside out that is caused by corrosion or pitting on the material. Late-model vehicles are the ones that are more prone to have corrosion from electrolysis. This is because most new vehicles …

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