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Engine Related Issues

Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 2) : Fuel Pressure Test

Diagnose Fuel Pump: Fuel Pressure Test

To read Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 1), click here. Residual Fuel Pressure Test For a period time (several minutes) residual pressure will be held by a system when the pump is stop running or turned off. Check the manual how much allowed pressure drop on this given period of time. When pressure drops so quickly, there a leaky fuel pressure regulator on vehicle, leaky fuel line, one or more fuel injectors leaks, or a leaky fuel pump check valve. On …

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Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 1 )

Fuel Pump Check

When the engine is not start or running properly, it is likely that the fuel pump does not provide sufficient fuel pressure and fuel volume to the engine. Some problems will occurs if the fuel pressure is low, it can cause hesitation and stalling, a rough idle, hard starting, or misfiring. Engine won’t starting when no fuel pressure, or when fuel pump fails, it may cause the engine to quit while you are driving. The sensitivity of the fuel injected …

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Diagnose Engine Stalling Problem

Engine Stall

It can be annoying when we get the vehicle engine stalls very often. And for no apparent reason it can happen while you are driving. Temperature related is most thing causing the stalling problems, especially on cold weather it can happen often, it also can happen when the engine started on cold. After Starting The Engine Stalls (Cold Quickly) The engine had too much air and not enough getting fuel is common cause the engine stalling. To start the cold …

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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 1)

Diagnose Engine Misfire

Depending on the cause, a common driveability issue is a misfire that is not easily to diagnosed. It is hard to miss if a misfiring cylinder is in a four-cylinder engine. It’s like a horse that trying to run on three legs if the engine losing a power output about 25%. At idle engine might be shake and and the engine vibrations can be felt throughout the vehicle and in the steering wheel. Engine might stall at idle or hard …

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Check Engine Light (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) On

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

The Check Engine Light (that’s the MIL or Malfunction Indicator Lamp) notifies you if an emissions-related issue happens with the emission controls or engine control system on your vehicle. Depending on existing issue, the Check Engine Light will remain on repeatedly or flash and may appear on. Several intermittent problems could make the Check Engine Light on only when the problem is happening (for example engine misfire). The Check Engine light commonly stays on when a fault has been detected …

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Diagnose Anti-Theft System

Anti Theft System

The purpose of the anti-theft system is to prevent car theft. Most anti-theft system that available on market is working good and reliable. However, when the anti-theft system act up, it can caused many issue and so annoying. Your car won’t start, or it can causing the engine to stall, or while you are driving the system can killing the ignition right away. And without apparent reason the alarm will go off, or when you don’t shut off after open …

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Car Won’t Start?

Car Start Problem

If your car will not start, don’t panic, it’s not end of the world, confuse what should you do? Diagnosing a condition takes a logical way of figuring out what may be preventing your car engine crank and running. Below is a list of causes that could prevent your car to start. When you turn the ignition key to start your car, or press the START button, then voltage from the battery flows through the ignition switch to the Park/Neutral …

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