P0029 OBD-II Fault Code: An Out-of-Range Performance of Solenoid Circuit Bank 2 of the Exhaust Valve Components

OBD Codes

By Rodney (Mechanics)

The Definition of Fault Code P0029

An out-of-range performance of solenoid circuit bank 2 of the exhaust valve components.

What Does Fault Code P0029 Mean?

The OBD-II Fault Code P0029 is a fault code that indicates that there is something wrong with the solenoid circuit of the lift mechanism on the exhaust valve lines for bank 2. Usually, this is caused by the ECM detection that this component can no longer engage and function properly.

P0029 OBD II Fault Code Exhaust Valve Components

The Usual Causes for Fault Code P0029

  • The valve lift mechanism does not shift even after the ECM activates the component of exhaust valve solenoid bank 2.
  • There is an internal short-circuit on the component of the exhaust valve lift.
  • There is an internal open circuit on the component of the valve lift solenoid.
  • There is a damaged condition on the wiring or connections between the ECM and the exhaust valve solenoid.

The Symptoms of Fault Code P0029

  • Your vehicle is experiencing a lack of power when the valve lift fails to get into a low position.
  • Your vehicle is running rough or even stalling when being driven.
  • Your engine has difficulty accelerating properly.
  • The check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard.

How Your Mechanics Should Diagnose the Fault Code P0029

  • Visual inspection on the wiring and connections regarding the wire harness to the exhaust valve solenoid back to.
  • Clearing the codes of P0029 and then see if the problem still persists.
  • Operating the test solenoid to see if the valve lift mechanism can work as usual.
  • Using special tools to see if there’s any short or open circuit on the component.
  • Checking the vehicle’s manual to get a further diagnosis of the problem.

Common Mistakes on The Process of Diagnosing Fault Code P0029

Below are the guidelines to prevent mistakes when diagnosing this code:

  • Clear code first and then verifies if the problem is still present in the system.
  • Prevent any mistake in the diagnosis by always using special tools, such as a test solenoid.
  • Isolate the specific problem by always doing the diagnosis step by step.
  • Prevent any mistakes by not replacing any parts unless the official testing requires it.

How Serious Is Fault Code P0029?

  • Your engine will have problems during acceleration due to a lack of power.
  • The engine will run rough especially the first time you start it.
  • The engine might experience stalling.

The Repair Steps for Fault Code P0029

  • You can clear the fault codes first and then check if the failure is still there by performing a road test.
  • Replace the broken component of the variable valve solenoid bank 2.
  • Replace any damaged wiring or connection to the component.
  • Replace the ECM or the connection if any of them is damaged.

Additional Comments Regarding the Repair of Fault Code P0029

The component of the valve lift solenoid can also get a thick oil deposit that might clog the mechanism. This will lead to the component of not being able to work properly. The oil deposit will need to be cleaned and the oil in the engine has to be at the correct viscosity level.