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P0214 OBD-II Trouble Code: Possible Malfunctions on Cold Start Injector 2

The Definition of P0214 Trouble Code

P0214 is a trouble code notifying the vehicle’s owner that there might be an issue with the cold start injector number 2 in the engine.

The driver might also see this code along with trouble code P0213. There can also be a possibility of misfire and incorrect fuel mixture conditions when this code is being displayed.

The Meaning of P0214 Trouble Code

P0214 will appear on the vehicle when the ECM is detecting an issue with the cold start injector number 2. The problem might occur due to the out-of-range performance of the injector. The ECM will then send the diagnostic trouble code and will also prevent further damage to the injector by setting up a failsafe mode. This failsafe mode will disable the engine to be turned on until the issue is resolved. The ECM will then check the performance whether it is normal again so you can start the engine back on.

Cold Start Injector 2

The Causes of P0214 Code

P0214 can occur on the injector due to these possible causes:
● A damaged or shorted wiring harness.
● A faulty mechanism on the cold start injector number 2.
● A poor or damaged electrical connection inside the engine.

The Symptoms of P0214 Code

If you see P0214 appearing on your vehicle’s information system, then there might be a problem with the cold start injector number 2. But you can also sometimes feel some symptoms before the code is being displayed. The symptoms are:
● Your vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly as usual.
● Your fuel economy is not as effective as normal.
● The engine has difficulty starting.
● An incorrect mixture condition of your fuel.

How to Diagnose P0214

Make sure to get a mechanic to check for everything else before checking the real cause of this code. There might also be some previous trouble codes that haven’t been fixed, and they are causing this new code to arise. The analysis of the freeze frame data will be able to tell the mechanics of which codes are really the root causes of the problem.

● If the codes are already cleared, get the mechanics to test drive the vehicle to see if the issue still persists.
● If the code still appears, a visual inspection will need to be performed to check for damaged wirings or if there are any leaks.
● The mechanics should also check the voltage level on the cold start injector.

Common Mistakes when Troubleshooting the P0214 Code

If the troubleshooting steps are not done properly, then there might be some mistakes that can occur during the checking progress. But be informed that the condition of your cold start fuel injector is usually the most probable cause for this code to appear. But always make sure to test any components that are related to the injector to find out the real problem before making unnecessary repairs to the injector.

How Serious is the P0214 Code?

You don’t need to worry that much when this code appears on your vehicle’s dashboard. The symptoms are usually very mild and will not disturb the working mechanism of your engine. Still, always take your vehicle to knowledgeable mechanics for a saver operation and to get broken components to be replaced.

The Repair Steps to Fix P0214 Code
● Replace the damaged cold start injector number 2.
● Replace broken wiring harness.
● Fix the electrical connections.

Diagnostics and Repair Procedures
Refer to the repair procedures of code P0213 to get this problem fixed because the instructions are the same.

Additional Comments for Fixing P0214 Code

There might be cases where the problems on your cold start injector are caused by some varnish deposits inside the engine. Using fuel system cleaners can help clean the injectors and get rid of code. This is an easy way to help unclog and clean your fuel injectors if the deposits are the problem.

Make a note that the cold start injector is a very important component of your vehicle. This component will allow the ECM to balance the air-fuel ratio in the engine so the combustion mechanism will be possible even in cold engine conditions. The injector will also let the engine heat up faster especially in cold weather.

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