P0235 OBD-II Trouble Code: A Malfunction on the Circuit of Turbocharger Boost Sensor

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By Rodney (Mechanics)

The Definition of P0235 Code

A Malfunction on the Circuit of Turbocharger Boost Sensor

The Meaning of P0235 Code

P0235 is a trouble code that will appear when the engine control module is detecting an input malfunction on the boost pressure sensor A. The code will be triggered when the ECM compares the different pressures on the manifold pressure sensor when the engine is idle and when you use your key to turn on the engine.

P0235 OBD II Trouble Code

The Causes of Code P0235

● The MAP sensor and the pressure levels on the turbo boost sensor do not correlate with each other. Also, the reading will be different when the engine is in an idle condition and when you turn on your engine using the key.
● A foreign object is contaminating or clogging the turbo boost pressure sensor A.
● A damaged condition on the turbo boost pressure sensor A that makes it slow to respond to different pressure levels.

The Symptoms of Code P0235

● Your vehicle dashboard will show the check engine light and the ECM will store the code P0235 in the memory.
● The turbo boost mechanism will be turned off by the ECM and your engine will experience a lack of power.
● The failure to respond to boost pressure in the sensor will render your engine unable to accelerate properly.

VW Turbocharger Boost Sensor

How Your Mechanics Should Diagnose Code P0235

● Your mechanic should analyze the freeze frame data to make sure of the real cause of the problem.
● The mechanics should clear the codes to see if the problem still appears.
● The mechanics should check the ability of the sensor to detect the correct boost pressure level.
● The mechanic should check if there are any blockages on the sensor.
● The mechanic should check for any loose or damaged pins on the sensor.

Common Mistakes when Troubleshooting Code P0235

These are some ways to prevent the mistake in the checking steps:
● Check the hose condition to see if they cause any obstructions on the sensor.
● Check if there is any leak on the line to the boost pressure sensor.

How Serious is Code P0235

The main objective of the boost pressure sensor is to give your engine additional power, especially when you’re accelerating. If there’s any problem with the sensor, then you will have a lack of power when driving your vehicle.

The Repairs for Code P0235

● Replace the whole unit of the boost sensor if it shows different reading compared to the level on the ECM.
● Replace the damaged part on the hoses and the other connections if there are any obstructions that are causing them.