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Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 2) : Fuel Pressure Test

Diagnose Fuel Pump: Fuel Pressure Test

To read Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 1), click here. Residual Fuel Pressure Test For a period time (several minutes) residual pressure will be held by a system when the pump is stop running or turned off. Check the manual how much allowed pressure drop on this given period of time. When pressure drops so quickly, there a leaky fuel pressure regulator on vehicle, leaky fuel line, one or more fuel injectors leaks, or a leaky fuel pump check valve. On …

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Diagnose Fuel Pump (Part 1 )

Fuel Pump Check

When the engine is not start or running properly, it is likely that the fuel pump does not provide sufficient fuel pressure and fuel volume to the engine. Some problems will occurs if the fuel pressure is low, it can cause hesitation and stalling, a rough idle, hard starting, or misfiring. Engine won’t starting when no fuel pressure, or when fuel pump fails, it may cause the engine to quit while you are driving. The sensitivity of the fuel injected …

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