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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 2): Steady Misfire

Steady Misfire

Read previous Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 1) FINDING THE CAUSE OF A STEADY OR CONTINUOUS MISFIRE The first step to do in diagnosing the steady misfire problem is to isolate the misfiring cylinder. While the engine is idle, one at a time disconnect each of the spark plug wires temporarily, this is an old-fashioned way to find a weak cylinder, although this is an old-fashioned way but sometimes it working. The weak cylinder has been pinpointed if there is no …

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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 1)

Diagnose Engine Misfire

Depending on the cause, a common driveability issue is a misfire that is not easily to diagnosed. It is hard to miss if a misfiring cylinder is in a four-cylinder engine. It’s like a horse that trying to run on three legs if the engine losing a power output about 25%. At idle engine might be shake and and the engine vibrations can be felt throughout the vehicle and in the steering wheel. Engine might stall at idle or hard …

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