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Chrysler Firing Orders

Chrysler Firing Orders Featured

Every type of engine will have a different mechanism for its firing order, which is a sequence for how the spark plugs get ignited inside the engine. If the engine has a distributor, the mechanism for the firing order will be based on the routing of wiring that goes from the distributor cap to the spark plugs located on each cylinder. On engines where the piston is located at the top dead center (TDC), you should notice that the alignment …

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Ford Firing Order

Ford Firing Order Featured

The firing order is a term to determine the sequence used for the spark plugs firing mechanism. Normally, engines with a distributor will determine the firing sequence based on the routing of connection between the spark plug and the distributor cap. If the piston is located at the top dead center (TDC) design as seen on the compression stroke, the spark plug terminal #1 should be perfectly aligned with the distributor rotor. The V8 engine produced by Ford typically uses …

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Chevy Firing Order

Chevy Firing Order Featured

Your Chevy vehicle actually has a sequence for the spark plugs firing mechanism. This is called your engine firing order. If the engine is equipped with a distributor, the firing order is usually determined by the spark plug wires routing that connects the distributor cap to each cylinder’s spark plugs. If the piston placement uses the top dead center (TDC) positioning on the compression stroke, then you can be sure that the distributor rotor is aligned with the spark plug …

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