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Reading the Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Reading The Diagnostic Trouble Codes

If you have noticed that the Check Engine Light on the dashboard of your car is illuminated, it probably means that your car is experiencing a problem that relates to the emission system. On vehicles that are equipped with an OBD II diagnostic system, if one or more diagnostic trouble codes are triggered, then the Check Engine Light will be turned on. This is to ensure that you can find out the problem by reading the trouble code using a …

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OBD Monitor Not Ready

OBD Monitor Not Ready Featured

There may be times when you take your vehicles to do the emissions test and the vehicle is rejected due to the fact that it was “Not Ready”. If this happens at the emissions test station, then it might mean that the Onboard Diagnostic System (OBD II) is not functioning properly. The OBD might not be able to complete all the necessary self-test monitors to make sure they can check every aspect of your vehicle’s emissions control system and its …

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