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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 3):Ignition And Compression Misfires

Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 3)

Read Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 2) IGNITION AND COMPRESSION MISFIRES Once you remove the spark plug, in case you also have isolated it to a single cylinder and have a misfire, the cause will be obvious. If the insulator of the plug is broken or cracked, then you have found the issue. Check for plug boots and wire damage, if the plug is wet but appears to be OK. End to end, using ohmmeter to measure the resistance of plug …

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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 2): Steady Misfire

Steady Misfire

Read previous Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 1) FINDING THE CAUSE OF A STEADY OR CONTINUOUS MISFIRE The first step to do in diagnosing the steady misfire problem is to isolate the misfiring cylinder. While the engine is idle, one at a time disconnect each of the spark plug wires temporarily, this is an old-fashioned way to find a weak cylinder, although this is an old-fashioned way but sometimes it working. The weak cylinder has been pinpointed if there is no …

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Diagnose Engine Misfire (Part 1)

Diagnose Engine Misfire

Depending on the cause, a common driveability issue is a misfire that is not easily to diagnosed. It is hard to miss if a misfiring cylinder is in a four-cylinder engine. It’s like a horse that trying to run on three legs if the engine losing a power output about 25%. At idle engine might be shake and and the engine vibrations can be felt throughout the vehicle and in the steering wheel. Engine might stall at idle or hard …

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