Why There’s So Much Excitement About Aftermarket Tail Lights?

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By Allen (Advisor Team)

Can you guys that know this subject well explain to us why so many people prefer to replace their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tail lights with aftermarket ones? I’ve noticed some small physical differences, and it seems that some aftermarket options are brighter than OEM lights, but I’m still struggling to grasp why there’s such a demand for aftermarket tail lights. Additionally, I’ve noticed that some aftermarket tail lights don’t look as good as the original ones.

Am I the only one wondering why there’s so much excitement about aftermarket tail lights?

Ford F 150 Original Tail Lights

Answer about Excitement About Aftermarket Tail Lights

The popularity of switching from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to aftermarket tail lights can be attributed to several factors, although it may not appeal to everyone. Let’s break down the reasons based on the user experiences shared:

Customization: Many car enthusiasts like to personalize their vehicles to make them unique or fit their personal style. Swapping to aftermarket tail lights allows them to achieve a distinct look for their vehicle, such as a smoked or blacked-out appearance, LED lighting, or other design elements that differ from the standard OEM look.

Cost Savings: Some aftermarket tail lights are more affordable than OEM replacements, especially for vehicles where the original parts are expensive. This cost-effectiveness can be a significant motivator for individuals who need to replace damaged or stolen tail lights.

Improved Lighting: Aftermarket LED tail lights often offer brighter and more instant illumination compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This enhanced visibility can improve safety, as it allows drivers following behind to react more quickly to brake lights, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

Unique Features: Aftermarket tail lights sometimes come with unique features like red running lights or specific lighting patterns, which can appeal to those who want to make a statement or enhance their vehicle’s appearance.

Ford F 150 Aftermarket Tail Lights

Availability of Different Styles: While not all aftermarket tail lights are aesthetically pleasing to everyone, there are various styles and designs available, catering to diverse tastes. Some people find certain aftermarket options more attractive than the OEM alternatives.

Ease of Installation: Swapping out tail lights with aftermarket options can be a relatively simple and cost-effective way to upgrade the look or performance of a vehicle, as compared to more involved modifications.

Hyperflash Issues: In some cases, when changing to LED bulbs or aftermarket tail lights, hyperflash issues can occur, where the turn signals blink too quickly. This can lead some individuals to explore different aftermarket options to find ones that don’t cause this problem.

Preference for LED: LED tail lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and durability. Many aftermarket options offer LED technology, which can be appealing to those who want to make the switch from incandescent bulbs.

The decision to switch to aftermarket tail lights is a matter of personal preference. Some people find the customization options, cost savings, and unique features attractive, while others may prefer the OEM quality and appearance. Ultimately, it boils down to individual tastes and priorities when it comes to modifying their vehicles.