Using a Steam Cleaner to Detail a Vehicle

Using A Steam Cleaner To Detail A Vehicle Featured

No matter how often or how thoroughly you clean your car, the interior of your vehicle can still get dirty, especially after prolonged usage. Some of the ways that your car can get dirty include: Dirt and dyes on your clothes have transferred to the car seats. Oil and dirt have been deposited on the wheels and other parts of the dashboard from your hands. Oil deposits are building up on the headrest. The floor of your vehicle is covered …

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How to Read ABS Antilock Brake Codes

How To Read ABS Antilock Brake Codes Featured

If you have noticed that the ABS warning lamp is on, it probably means there is trouble with the system. If a self-diagnosed problem does not cause the ABS light, circumstances may trigger an incorrect code with the component. When this happens, you will still need to figure out the real cause of the ABS warning lamp illumination. Depending on the application, you might encounter difficulties when you try to pull codes from the ABS. For instance, you will not …

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How the Defroster Works

How The Defroster Works Featured

A car defroster is a component that can be found commonly on modern vehicles. Normally, defrosters on the vehicle’s front side will use their current, while the rear defrosters use electric power. A working defroster’s main functionality ensures the driver maintains good visibility and avoids fogging on the front and rear windows. This component is important, especially in humid weather or cold winter days. You need to ensure that your vehicle defroster is working properly, especially if there’s a threat …

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Water Pump Diagnosis and Replacement

Water Pump Diagnosis And Replacement Featured

The water pump is one of the most important components of the vehicle cooling system. As the heart of your cooling system, a water pump is used to circulate the coolant liquid from the radiator to the engine, which will keep the cool temperature of your engine. If you look inside the pump, you will be able to find an impeller that is made of metal or plastic. This component will push the water to move through the pump. The …

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Universal Coolants

Universal Coolant Featured

Vehicle manufacturers have used a wide selection of extended-life coolants over the years. Every one of those coolants also has different colors and chemical formulas. On the market, you can find green coolants, orange coolants, blue coolants, yellow coolants, red coolants, and even those colored pink. These differences in colors and formula can also cause confusion among vehicle owners and car technicians. Without clear guidance from the manufacturers, people are confused about the type of antifreeze they need to use …

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Donate Your Unique Vehicle

Donate Your Unique Vehicle Featured

Regarding charitable giving, most people think of donating money or goods. However, a lesser-known form of giving back can be incredibly impactful: donating unique vehicles. Whether a classic car, an RV, or even a boat, donating a unique vehicle to a charitable organization can provide more value than many other forms of giving. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of donating unique vehicles and how it can be the ultimate act of giving back to the community. The Benefits …

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Tips for Choosing and Using Car Seats

Tips For Choosing And Using Car Seats Featurred

Car seats are essential for keeping young children safe while riding in a car. CDC data said car seat use reduces the risk of infant death by 71% and toddler death by 54% in passenger vehicles. However, choosing and installing a car seat can confuse and overwhelm many parents. To help ensure your child’s safety, here are some tips for choosing and using car seats. Find the Perfect Car Seat for Your Child’s Age and Weight Car seats come in …

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Thermostat Troubles? Here’s How to Replace Your Car’s Engine Thermostat

How To Replace The Engine Thermostat Featured

Overheating the engine is one of the most common problems that can happen if you have a defective thermostat. The thermostat itself is a component that regulates how coolant flows from the radiator to other parts of the engine. Normally, you can locate the thermostat in a housing where the engine is connected to the radiator hose. There will be a buildup of heat in the engine if the thermostat is experiencing failure and has difficulty opening. This condition will …

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OBD Code P0300 For Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire

OBD Code P0300 For Random Multiple Cylinder Misfire Featured

P0300 is a code that indicates a problem with multiple cylinders misfiring, and a mechanic needs to find out what’s causing it in your case What is P0300 Code Definition The definition of code P0300 is the detection of a misfire in multiple cylinders occurring at random. The Meaning Of The P0300 Code Cars typically have 4-6 cylinders that ignite a spark plug in a steady sequence to set fire to the fuel and release energy to smooth power the …

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How to Properly Test Your Car Battery

How To Properly Test Your Car Battery

To determine if your car battery has sufficient power to start your engine in cold weather, you must assess its charge state using a voltmeter. An analog or digital voltmeter can be used, but a digital meter is recommended for its ease of reading and greater accuracy. Before taking measurements, ensure the ignition key is turned off and all vehicle lights are switched off. To check the battery’s state of charge, connect the positive (red) voltmeter test lead to the …

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