P0243 OBD-II Trouble Code: A Malfunction on the Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid

OBD Codes

By Rodney (Mechanics)

The Definition of Code P0243

A Malfunction on the turbocharger wastegate solenoid

The Meaning of Code P0243

Code P0234 will appear when the Engine Control Module is detecting an open or short circuit that occurs on the turbocharger wastegate solenoid.

The Causes of Code P0243

● An open or short circuit occurs on the turbocharger wastegate solenoid.
● The connector of the solenoid has been corroded that leads to an open circuit.
● A short circuit to ground caused by the damages on the wiring. It could also be from a broken wire that causes an open circuit.

The Symptoms of Code P0243

● The check engine light is on and the ECM stores the code in its memory.
● You cannot properly control the engine turbo boost when you are driving. The engine might also experience an under boost.
● You can experience a lack of power, especially during acceleration. This might be caused by the wastegate solenoid unable to control the correct amount of boost pressure.

Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid

How Your Mechanics Should Diagnose Code P0243

● Analyze the data from the freeze frame to verify the real cause of the problem.
● Clear the stored trouble codes to see if the problem still occurs.
● Inspect the wastegate solenoid to see if it can operate properly.
● Inspect the solenoid resistance and compare it with the manufacturer’s specifications.
● Inspect the damaged conditions on the solenoid connector.
● Inspect the wiring on the ECM that comes from the solenoid to see if there is any short circuit.

Common Mistakes when Troubleshooting Code P0243

These tips should help you to prevent misdiagnosis when troubleshooting code P0243:

  • Check the battery voltage to see the proper voltage supply on the wastegate solenoid.
  • Check if there is any corrosion on the electrical connection at the solenoid.

How Serious is Code P0243

On engines that are equipped with turbochargers, the wastegate and the wastegate solenoid will be the components that will control the turbo boost pressure. If these components are broken or damaged, then the engine control module will not be able to control a proper turbo boost which will lead to the engine experiencing a lack of power.

The Repairs for Code P0243

● Replace the wastegate solenoid if it has an open circuit.
● Check if there is any corrosion on the solenoid wiring connection and replace it if needed.

Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid Diagram

Diagnostic and Repair Procedures

Due to the fact that different vehicles will have different repair procedures, you should always check the technical service bulletins (TSB) to find the correct diagnostic for your vehicle. Some manufacturers are also more sensitive to this issue, so the solution might be easier which will save you money when you are doing a diagnosis.

After that, find a wastegate solenoid inside the engine of your vehicle. Next, check the wiring and the connections on the solenoid. You should inspect for anything that looks abnormal, such as rubbing, bare wires, scrapping, burn spots, or melting signs. You should also open the connectors and check the condition of the metal parts inside them. You should look for signs of burning or corrosion. You can use an electrical contact cleaner and some soft brushes to clean the terminal. You should then let them dry and apply electrical grease to prevent more damages.

Using a scan tool, you can clear the trouble code from the ECM memory. This will determine if the code P0243 will return if you turn on the engine. If the code does not return, then the problem might be caused by damaged connections.

But if the code shows up again, then the solenoid and the circuits need to be checked again. Normally, you will be able to find 2 wires at the wastegate solenoid. The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the harness that goes to the wastegate solenoid. Using a digital Volt/Ohmmeter, you can connect one tip of the meter to one of the terminals on the solenoid. Meanwhile, you should use the other tip to connect to the other terminal. Verify the number on the meter to see if there is any short or open circuit. Replace the solenoid if you find an open or shorted circuit.

Still using the DVOM, make sure that the wastegate pressure control solenoid will show 12 V on the power supply. You can then proceed to turn on the ignition and check the voltage again. If the 12 volts reading shows up when the ignition is turned off, but not when the engine is on, then a bad PCM is a probable cause. You should repair or replace the wiring from the PCM to the solenoid.

If the wiring is clear, you should also check for a ground connection at the wastegate pressure control solenoid. Use a 12V test light and connect it to the red terminal. Touch the other end of the test light to see if there’s any ground connection. You can also use a scan tool to see if the light is turned on when the device is activating the solenoid. But if the light does not come on, then the problem might be with the circuit. Meanwhile, if the light shows flickering, it would also indicate an intermittent connection on the wiring.

If the code P0243 still appears even after you check everything else, then the problem might come from the failure of the wastegate pressure control solenoid. But this will not rule out the possibility of failures from the PCM. If you are not sure about the real cause of the problem, always consult a trained technician. You can also get your PCM to be reprogrammed or the vehicle to be recalibrated.

Additional Comments for Repairing Code P0243

Code P0243 is usually triggered by a malfunction on the turbocharger wastegate solenoid. The ECM will indicate the code if it detects any problem on the solenoid or shorted condition on the circuit. But the main cause is usually from the main solenoid component.